Finally an ePRO solution that addresses all stakeholder needs

Jeeva's electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) as a Service platform is hosted on the secure AWS cloud to help clinical researchers to gather highly flexible and compliant patient questionnaires, diaries, scored quizzes, quality-of-life questionnaires, standardized patient-reported outcomes surveys, or custom forms that can be designed using our drag and drop interface. Whether one-time or recurring, with automated or manual sets of reminders and notifications to be sent to participants to minimize missing data and maximize engagement and retention. Human subjects studies at the sponsor level, investigator site level, or CRO level, can all readily configure and launch ePRO within days on the Jeeva eClinical Cloud platform. Our expert data management team can help you configure these forms or support your internal team members working on them.

  • Reduce up to 90% burden on study staff in coordination, reminding patients, and notifying those who start, are in progress, or finish ePROs with minimal effort.
  • Our modular software subscription model helps manage costs on a need basis.
  • Capture ePRO via most web/mobile browsers and devices with OTP verification or require authentication, and switch on a patient portal to enable them to access their own reported data, for recurring forms, and patient engagement.

Accomplish all these tasks and more securely, in a compliant and scalable manner, with confidence, with Jeeva!


  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • BYOD (bring your own device) fits on any browser-enabled device screen size
  • Verify patient comprehension Using scored quizzes
  • Branching or Skip Logic
  • Do It Yourself or Jeeva professional support
  • Reminders, Alerts, Notifications, Automation
Minimizes the logistical burden and time for site staff by over 90 percent

Clinical site staff spend 30-90 minutes per patient for paper-based questionnaires or surveys. For a 1000 patient study, that's 500-1500 hours of human resources' time. Eliminate cumbersome paperwork, configure eDiaries specific to the trial, recurring or one-time surveys, real-time data capture in a central secure clinical database from any browser-enabled mobile device.

A software subscription model that fits your budgets

Software as a service (SaaS) means flexibility to access the software as needed from anywhere and pay per year based on the number of patients in your study. Per clinical trial protocol or enterprise license options. Contact us to discuss your use case, study duration, and size. Our product team will work with you to quickly identify the right configuration and set you up. SaaS also means zero installation and works on all browser-enabled mobile devices.

Patient-reported outcomes data capture from online channels with flexible add-on features

Flexible ePRO solution can be bolstered with the flexibility to add-on modules such as eConsent, telemedicine or video calling, eCOA, multimodal communications capabilities, and other Jeeva modules to the same subscription at any time.