Sites, Accelerate Your Patient Screening and Enrollment with Jeeva™ TRIALMAGNET™

Patient recruitment is a major barrier in clinical trials. This involves the identification of patients, screening them for inclusion/exclusion criteria of a given clinical trial, and enrolling eligible patients into the trial. An all-in-one digital platform can help sites bring together remote eligibility screening, engage educate and enroll patients by email/SMS/audio/video calling, multimedia information exchange, and remote electronic informed consent with compliant electronic signatures.


We interviewed hundreds of patients, site investigators, and coordinators.

A consistent theme was that every clinical trial feels like the first-ever trial undertaken by mankind. Patient recruitment and retention is a challenge every single time and ensuring patient adherence to medication, and identifying early warning signs of trials at higher risk.

The Jeeva™ TRIALMAGNET™ package is a one-stop solution for faster patient recruitment online and/or in person by combining the commonest modules customers use on the Jeeva™ eClinical Cloud–the flexible user-friendly platform that enables long-term engagement and puts you on a solid foundation for all clinical trials at your site. 

Jeeva™ TRIALMAGNET™ can save trial sites time and money while accelerating therapies and driving collaborations among all stakeholders around the valuable data collected.

Stakeholders complained about the logistical burden of in-person travel for patients, high screen failure rates, lack of flexibility for in-person or remote informed consent, and the repetitive nature of the upfront enrollment phase. 

Many studies are terminated even before starting due to poor patient enrollment. TRIALMAGNET™ saves time, burden, maximizes research productivity, and minimizes the risk of study failure!


  • Remote Screening & eConsent
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO/vPRO)
  • Clinical Outcomes Assessments (eCOA/vCOA)
  • Telemedicine & Video-calling
  • From Any Browser-enabled Device
  • Video/Audio/SMS/Email Communications

TRIALMAGNET™ reduces the logistical burden and time for clinical researchers by over 90%

TRIALMAGNET™ modular subscription model fits the budgets of academia and industry without compromising the required information exchange

TRIALMAGNET™ enables rapid patient enrollment from numerous channels