We Serve All Stakeholders of Clinical Research

At Jeeva, we are passionate about making clinical research faster, more accessible, diverse, and least burdensome for researchers and patients. Validated, high-quality, compliant software systems are needed for remote patient education, enrollment, evidence generation, and retention in a variety of research programs involving human subjects. These include:

- Biopharmaceutical sponsors for their phase 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 clinical trials

- A white-labeled solution for Contract Research Organizations (CROs) as partners

- Patient advocacy groups for their patient registry or natural history studies

- Academic researchers for their investigator-initiated trials and longitudinal cohort studies, and

- Public health research programs involving population-scale surveillance, safe quarantine, or safety studies

Jeeva empowers study teams to:

- Remotely screen, recruit and retain more participants faster
- Elevate electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) to a whole new level during a live video call (vPRO).
- Directly capture electronic study data, lab reports, safety, medical history, and clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA) using the drag-and-drop form builder including during a live video call between investigator and patient.
- Minimize investigator burden by capturing patient self-reported information at a time and place convenient for the patient.
- Maximize patient satisfaction, by providing flexibility for them to complete study participation and follow-up visits remotely or in person.
- Reduce operational costs by minimizing the need for in-person monitoring visits as all study staff will have real-time access to the central clinical database.

...All while boosting engagement between researchers and patients by email, SMS, audio calling, and video calling with a single login for a study from any browser-enabled mobile device.  

We are proud of our product and our customers' success. We will be delighted to receive your study protocol so we can configure it on the Jeeva platform free of cost and show a live demonstration of how it works.

We interviewed a couple of thousand stakeholders of medical research including patients, researchers, sponsors, CROs, regulators, and key opinion leaders. They all expressed dissatisfaction and complained about the poor experience with conducting or participating in clinical trials, lack of flexibility, or having made wrong choices early on in trial design resulting in protocol amendments or patient reconsenting, logistical burdens of patient recruitment, and retention. Our collective response is the Jeeva eClinical Cloud software as a service (SaaS) platform that addresses all stakeholder concerns and provides a flexible user experience on any browser-enabled mobile device. Accelerating timelines, minimizing cost, enabling collaborations among all stakeholders on a single platform, and bi-directional communications between study users and patients by email, SMS, audio, and video calling.