CRO Partners

CROs can differentiate their services to sponsors with the white-labeled Jeeva eClinical technology platform advantage

Maximize the probability of winning contracts with sponsors by differentiating your proposals with Jeeva eClinical cloud. Sponsors want to know how you can ensure faster patient recruitment and better retention compared to your peers. Jeeva can rapidly turnaround with a budget proposal and branded material for inclusion in your response to sponsor RFPs and support you throughout the pre-bid and post-win study startup, configuration process.

CROs, you want to competitively differentiate your service proposals to sponsors. We can help!

Whether it is for remote patient recruitment, retention, engagement, or evidence generation, safety monitoring, or to enable sites to have bi-directional engagement with patients via SMS or emails, Jeeva eClinical cloud has the flexibility of BYOD (bring your own device), modular design, and human-centered design that can help maximize your win-probability!

Features for CROs

  • Differentiated advantage with Jeeva Cloud
  • BYOD Patient Recruitment and Retention
  • Modular SaaS Subscription
  • Flexible Packages
  • Training and Support
  • White-labeling

Rare Disease Registries or Natural History Studies

Longitudinal cohort studies collect clinical, behavioral, lifestyle, and environmental data from participants in real-world settings over extended periods of time.  Our bring-your-own-device platform makes it easy for study investigators to onboard, engage, and retain participants. The FDA and NIH's National Center for Advanced Translational Sciences have encouraged patient groups to drive establishment of high-quality institutional review board-approved patient registries and natural history studies.

Chronic Diseases Clinical Studies

Patients suffering from chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular, or neurobehavioral disorders lack the high motivation to take on the significant burden of participating in a clinical trial. By utilizing a protocol design that minimizes patient burden by enabling the flexibility of remote enrollment, participation, and long-term engagement, you can maximize the probability of trial success. With a single integrated and modular software subscription service that can be flexibly configured to support complex study designs, you can win more global clinical trial opportunities with sponsors.

man with wheelchair in van
patient in wheelchair with nurse

Investigator Initiated Trials

Our experienced coordinators provide the highest quality of video conferencing visits for patients and caregivers. Our goal is to help simplify and manage the trial operations to minimize burden, reduce dropouts, improve compliance, and accelerate the development of therapies. Investigator initiated single site studies suffer from lack of funding necessary to conduct certain large-scale, real-world evidence, observational, or drug repurposing studies of medicines already proven safe. Jeeva eClinical cloud platform offers a cost-effective solution to quickly setup and conduct clinical studies of any scale or duration, with or without patient travel involved.

Long-Term Follow Up Studies

Gene therapy trials typically involve one-time therapy administration with long-term follow-up with patients for safety monitoring. Physical site visit requirements over a long period of time, place an undue burden on trial participants. Jeeva simplifies this process by fitting the trial into the lifestyle of patients. Cell and gene therapies are the most advanced form of one-and-done treatments for patients with rare genetic diseases including cancer. FDA guidelines in January 2020 require sponsors of such therapy trials to monitor patients over extended periods of time to better understand the durability of these treatments. Most of the existing clinical trial management or electronic data capture tools were designed for traditional brick and mortar clinical trials that usually span less than three years.  Our purpose-designed solution for five, 10, or 15-year follow-up studies is the perfect solution for these studies.

man with wheelchair in van