We Serve All Stakeholders of Clinical Research

Clinical trials are the most complex endeavors undertaken by mankind. Jeeva is grounded in deep empathy and human-centric approach to understanding the relevant perspectives of the various stakeholders of clinical research: patients, researchers, coordinators, auditors, regulatory compliance specialists, members of the institutional review board, regulatory compliance experts, IT security and privacy professionals. A consistent theme was that every clinical trial feels like the first-ever trial undertaken by mankind. Patient recruitment and retention is a challenge every single time, patient adherence to medication, and early warning signs of trials at higher risk. In this section, learn more about the specific customer use cases.

We interviewed hundreds of patients, researchers, sites, sponsors, CROs, regulators, and key opinion leaders.

They all expressed dissatisfaction and complained about the poor experience with conducting or participating in clinical trials, lack of flexibility, or having made wrong choices early on in trial design, protocol complexity, logistical burdens of patient recruitment, and retention. A flexible user-friendly platform that enables long-term engagement and puts you on a solid foundation is critical. Jeeva eClinical cloud can save you time, money, and most importantly, help drive collaborations among all stakeholders around the valuable data collected to accelerate therapies.


  • Patients
  • Researchers
  • Site coordinators
  • Sponsors
  • CROs
  • Regulators