Summer Internship

2020 Program Information

Program Directors: Maithili Daphtary, Ph.D., Louis Licamele, Ph.D., and Harsha K Rajasimha, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Harika Nathi (BS), VCU; STAR Summer Intern 2019, Jeeva Informatics; The deadline to apply for summer internship 2020 is May 24th. If you have not yet submitted your resume and letter of interest, you should do so by emailing them to

Dear Candidate Intern, 

Welcome to the Jeeva Informatics Summer Internship Program for 2020! 

Jeeva has been conducting a 12-week summer internship program each year since 2018 in the areas of digital health, OMICS, and precision medicine data science. Students learn about how medicine is increasingly data driven in the era of precision medicine. Interns are challenged to think of innovative digital engagement techniques to engage patients from where they live via web/mobile application features. Understanding of the structured and unstructured healthcare data types, data interoperability, data formats, standards and data analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. Interns work in small teams of 2-5 entirely online from their homes working towards project deliverables. Several interns have returned back for the summer internship program in 2019 and re-applied for 2020. 

The 2020 summer internship with Jeeva Informatic Solutions will be 

● Educational, project-based with defined deliverables

● Unpaid internship

● 12 weeks duration between June 1st to Aug 21, 2020. 

● Interns will be working in team projects and will commit an average of 25 hours per week throughout the duration of this program.

● In general, no extended vacation or time-off is allowed (except weekends) without prior authorization. This is to ensure fairness all interns participating in team projects.

● All interns are expected to be generally available during the weekdays for scheduling online team meetings and discussions.

● If you have scheduling conflicts or potential travel plans these must be brought to attention prior to the internship program. We also require you to bring any school, college, or graduate school paperwork that must be approved prior to the start of your internship.

● Intern candidates will be at various levels of academic grades with a minimum of Junior in high school (for Aug/Sep 2020) to recent graduates from BS, MS, PhD programs in science, technology, medicine, or business.

● Be based anywhere in the U.S. and be able to demonstrate proof of eligibility requirements.

● Once admitted into the internship program, interns will be required to sign an internship agreement assigning any intellectual property conceived or developed during the program to Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc.

● Interns will be self-motivated and will participate proactively with little supervision on assigned projects to ensure daily and weekly progress. 

● Interns will maintain proper documentation of their work performed, will communicate effectively by email, phone and other media with their fellow interns and with the Jeeva supervisors/mentors on a daily/weekly basis. 

● Interns are expected to use their personal laptop computers, phone, and gmail IDs but maintain strict confidentiality about their work. After the internship program completion, interns will return all materials and work products to Jeeva Informatics and delete all confidential information from their devices. 

● Interns are expected to write at least one blog article for publication from their unique perspective about the inefficiencies in clinical trials, how decentralized clinical trials can address them, or barriers to adoption of innovative tools in clinical trials.

● Interns are expected to make at least two powerpoint presentations during the course of their internship. One related to their project work and another related to an assigned topic within the scope. 

● Interns are encouraged to think outside the box, propose new ideas, data sources, data analysis methods, digital engagement tools/features, and gamification to improve clinical trial efficiencies. 

● Successful interns completing the program will receive a certificate of completion. Outstanding performers who deliver high quality deliverables (usually project reports, powerpoint presentations, excel data sheets, or data analysis algorithms) will receive STAR intern awards. 

● All successful interns may receive continued mentoring as they progress through their education and career including recommendation letters, priority consideration in future internships or other programs/events.

All candidates are expected to apply for the internship program with their up to date resume and a letter of interest describing their background and interest in and topics covered in this internship. Motivation and commitment are hallmarks of a successful intern. 

The deadline to apply for summer internship 2020 is May 24th. If you have not yet submitted your resume and letter of interest, you should do so by emailing them to

For this internship we offer mentorship, coaching, expert presentations, and guidance in industry specific projects involving topics such as: 

● Regulatory landscape and guidance for conducting clinical research involving human subjects.

● Research, evaluation, and documentation of past, current, and future software/data tools and methodologies for conducting decentralized clinical trials. 

● Novel computational (AI and machine learning) algorithms for analyzing time series datasets.

● Published scientific literature on the topics of novel clinical endpoints, digital biomarkers, and decentralized clinical trials.

● Searching, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting clinical trial datasets from a variety of data sources.

You may develop in a variety of skills such as research, algorithm development, mobile application development process, supervisory, data curation, organization, or integration, etc. Students will participate in training components such as the following: 

● Get a feel for the startup company culture and the process of commercializing technology innovations.

● Weekly presentations on various topics related to digital health, OMICS, and precision medicine data science.

● Participating in invited guest lectures by external speakers from Jeeva’s network of industry leaders, customers, and partners from time to time.

● Developing an understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and product thinking / design thinking

● Develop an ability to think in terms of scientific, medical, or business use cases and goals of product development 

● Adopting divide and conquer strategies for achieving project goals through tasks, activities, and deliverables 

● Responsibility of maintaining confidentiality of Jeeva’s proprietary frameworks, deliverables, and other confidential information as is expected in any industry settings.

At the end of the internship, you will deliver a work product that encompasses your internship work. Each student will also be evaluated based on various factors including maintaining attendance in weekly meetings, responsiveness to communications, proactively seeking help when needed, quality of their deliverables, the student’s technical skills, etc. Students who receive a good grade from their supervisors can potentially receive a professional reference for their future career programs and/or job search. Students can also receive a Star Intern Award for their exemplary workmanship during the internship. 

We wish you the best for the internship program and are looking forward to your presence on our team! Allquestions can be directed to our program coordinator Harika Nathi at

We are unable to address each of the candidate’s questions on an individual basis before the scheduled internship program open house at 530pm ET on May 24th 2020. All interested candidates are expected to attend this open house session. Most questions will be addressed during this session. We are currently planning on hosting this one information session. Hence, we encourage all candidates who have applied for internship with Jeeva to not miss the scheduled open house. If you are unable to make it to this session, please let us know. 


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