Jeeva eConsent as a Service (eCaaS)
| Faster. Compliant. Scalable.

Clinical research sites, sponsors, and CROs, minimize the logistical burdens of the informed consent process on a per-clinical-trial subscription or enterprise license. The modular subscription service is based on number of patients and can scale with the study enrollment process. Automate the manual repetitive tasks of explaining the study protocol, risks, benefits, samples or data use, and answering frequently asked questions. We heard you. eCaaS is our solution!

The Jeeva™ eCaaS solution helps ensure the continuity of adult and pediatric clinical research with safe, remote, touchless informed consent approved by prominent IRBs.

Finally an eConsent solution that addresses all stakeholder objections

Jeeva remote eCaaS is a SaaS-based collaboration platform hosted on the secure AWS cloud that helps clinical researchers to screen and recruit participants by obtaining proper informed consent remotely. It cuts timelines, maximizes social media outreach to targeted groups, minimizes expensive screen failures, and boosts success rate while ensuring compliance.


  • Pre-screen patients on social media channels
  • Inform and educate patients about a clinical trial using approved multimedia content
  • Verify patient comprehension Using scored quizzes
  • Video/Telemedicine/SMS/Email Communications
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Compliant Electronic Signatures in adult or pediatric studies
Reduces the logistical burden and time for clinical investigators by over 90 percent

Clinical investigators spend at least 30 minutes per patient for proper in-person informed consent. For a 1000 patient study, that's 500 hours of a MD/PhD physician investigator's time. Just not practical for many research studies and unnecessary in many scenarios, particularly when a new investigational drug is not involved. Jeeva remote electronic informed consent (eIC) solution empowers clinical researchers and coordinators with a compliant way of ensuring the same goal remotely without the associated repetitive tasks or burden.

A software subscription model that fits your budgets without compromising the true intent of the informed consent process

Software as a service (SaaS) means flexibility to access the software as needed from anywhere and pay per year based on the number of patients in your study. Per clinical trial protocol or enterprise license options. Contact us to discuss your use case, study duration, and size. Our product team will work with you to quickly identify the right configuration and set you up. SaaS also means zero installation and works on all browser-enabled mobile devices.

Patient enrollment from numerous channels with flexible add-on features

The software should enable rapid patient education of patients before the eligibility screening, during enrollment, and throughout the study. Some studies have a pre-identified list of patients while others will benefit from the ability to find, screen, and enroll patients from a variety of online channels such as Facebook groups, email campaigns, WhatsApp,  SMS, or web portals. Flexibility to add-on modules such as ePRO (patient reported outcomes), telemedicine or video calling, and other Jeeva modules to the same subscription at any time.