Accelerating clinical trial times, reducing cost, and improving recruitment and retention

Our cloud-based software provides a seamless solution that improves the experience of investigators and patients by decentralizing clinical trials.


Real-World Evidence Studies

Longitudinal cohort studies collect clinical, behavioral, lifestyle, and environmental data from participants in real-world over extended periods of time. Our bring-your-own-device offering simplifies onboarding, engagement, and retention of participants.

Cell and Gene Therapy Trials

Cell and gene therapy trials typically involve one-time therapy administration upfront with long-term follow up with patients for safety monitoring. Physical site visit requirements over a long period of time places undue burden on trial participants. Jeeva simplifies this process by fitting the trial into the patient's lifestyle.

Long-Term Follow-Up Studies

Our experienced coordinators provide high quality video-conferencing visits for patients and caregivers. We simplify trial operations, minimize the burden on patients, reduce dropouts, improve compliance, and accelerate the development of new therapies.

Jeeva's cloud-based SaaS platform can optimize your clinical trial!