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Empower Clinical Trial Operations - Home Page

We Supercharge Clinical Trial Operations

Are you the head of Clinical Operations at a Biopharmaceutical or medical device company planning your next clinical trial within the next six months?

Is speed, efficiency, vendor qualification/management, quality, regulatory compliance, or cost on the top of your mind? A clinical Trial is a collaborative effort among many functional leaders relying on data, technology, people, and standard operating procedures to execute a clinical trial.

Team Jeeva listened to over 3000+ stakeholders of clinical operations at sponsors, CROs, investigator sites, participants/caregivers, and regulators to understand their key problems and perspectives on the cause of severe inefficiencies in the industry. But, ultimately, it’s you, the study manager, who has to bring it all together to make a clinical trial successful. Jeeva eClinical Cloud puts you in the driver’s seat.

Need for an eClinical Platform Solution to Drive Efficiency

Life Science R&D efficiency has deteriorated over the last couple of decades. The cost to bring one successful drug to market through the regulatory process has exceeded $ 2.5 billion and takes 10-12 years. FDA demands a Racial and Ethnic Diversity plan (REDP) for all filings. Sponsors are seeking solutions to increase DEIA on a global scale. 

Clinical operations need to be able to line up all necessary ducks in a row to get a clinical trial off the ground. The critical pieces such as patient recruitment, complexity of the clinical trial protocol, minimizing operational complexity for investigator sites and patients, automating manual repetitive tasks, selecting and validating minimum number of tools/vendors to execute the clinical trial. 

Need for an eClinical Platform Solution to Drive Efficiency - V2 - Home Page

Trial Delays Due to Poor Patient Enrollment

85% of clinical trials are delayed by 30 days or longer, and 30% are terminated due to poor patient enrollment procedures.

Patient Engagement

30% of enrolled patients drop out during a clinical trial due to poor patient engagement.

Logistical Burdens for Patients

1/4 of patients cite travel/logistical burden; decentralized trial ops can address this.

Logistical Burdens for Trial Teams

An average clinical trial involves at least 30 tools and logins for researchers and coordinators.

Protocol Complexity and Uniqueness

Sponsors say every clinical trial feels like the first-ever trial, reinventing the wheel and rebuilding infrastructure.

Making Amendments

Avg. Clinical trials use 2-3 protocol amendments; sponsors say protocols are complex & need scalable solutions.

Operating Costs

Delays in clinical trials incur significant costs, including daily operating expenses and lost revenue before patent expiry.

Jeeva eClinical Cloud Puts You Squarely in Control of Clinical Operations 

Execute Your Next Clinical Trial Efficiently with One Unified Platform 

Jeeva eClinical Cloud Puts You Squarely in Control of Clinical Operations - V2 - Home Page
Centralized and Automated Study - home-pick-section

Centralized and Automated Study Scheduler for Visits and Procedures 

Manage protocol complexity and Amendments in One Unified and modular. 
  • A Clinical Trial management platform for a decentralized or hybrid trial.
  • Including eConsent (electronic informed consent), ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcomes), eCOA (electronic clinical outcomes assessments), EDC (electronic or direct data capture), TeleVisits, VideoVisits, Lab reports, Adverse events (AE) capture, and concomitant medications.
  • Centralized all necessary modules for a trial into a purpose-built platform to enable collaboration among all stakeholders.
  • At the heart of the Jeeva eClinical cloud is a protocol-specific schedule of visits that maps all modules to study procedures and visits.
  • This enables the rapid configuration of complex protocols and their amendments in hours, days, weeks, or months.
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Accelerate Patient Screening, Recruitment, Time to First Patient First Visit (FPFV), and Diversity 

Jeeva's eClinical cloud provides clinical researchers with the ability to significantly increase their Patient applicant pool in terms of number, age, race, gender, and location through its modules: 
  • The TRIALMAGNET package combines features into workflows optimized to accelerate patient screening and recruitment. Learn More
  • Trial advertising, target patient education with IRB (institutional review board) or EC (ethics committee) approved multimedia content, remote pre-screening, eConsent, and referral to investigator sites.
  • ePRO module used for pre-screening questionnaires to assess preliminary eligibility riteria before being referred to an investigator site based on patient location.
  • TeleVisits/VideoVisits can reduce travel & logistical burdens for patients, making trials more patient-centric & increasing the chances of enrollment. Additionally, Jeeva Televisits, Videovisits, ePRO, and eConsent remove obstacles for those who cannot afford unpaid leave or travel expenses, providing access to a more extensive & more diverse pool of applicants. Learn More
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Accelerate Patient Screening, Recruitment, Time to First Patient First Visit (FPFV), and Diversity - home-pick-section
Maximize Digital Patient Engagement and Retention - Home Page

Maximize Digital Patient Engagement and Retention

Ongoing engagement with patients during their scheduled visits to the investigator sites and between those visits while they are home-based, is critical. Jeeva makes it easy for investigators and coordinators to engage participants via:
  • Omni-channel communication, alerts, and reminders via SMS, Email, Audio, and Video call as consented.
  • Our customers use bi-directional SMS to remind and verify patient adherence to medication.
  • ePRO assessments and visits can be pre-scheduled for automated recurring reminders and notifications per the study schedule.
  • Patient education and study-specific content in multimedia formats can be made constantly available to patients via apps like a portal to earn patients' trust.
  • Sponsors can activate a patient portal for a study with a button.
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Reusable Cloud Infrastructure & Automation Helps Minimize Manual Repetitive Tasks 

Jeeva is a SaaS-based solution compliant with regulatory guidelines for interventional/observational clinical trials. 
  • It's configurable to protocol-specific needs.
  • Features a library of preconfigured ePRO/eCOA/eCRFs.
  • An automatic study scheduler to reduce manual effort.
  • Single login to access the study.
Reusable Cloud Infrastructure & Automation Helps Minimize Manual Repetitive Tasks - Home Page
Intuitive User Interfaces and Workflows - Home Page

Experience Intuitive User Interfaces and Workflows on Any Device

Most EDC and DCT systems require significant training programs, making them slower and inefficient to implement in a clinical trial because the users are expected to adjust to the tools rather than designing the interfaces to fit the user's expectations and behaviors. Our system helps reduce the time and effort required to implement EDC and DCT with a simple interface and effortless workflows.
  • Cost-effective and high implementation efficiency.
  • It ensures that the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the training program is designed to meet the specific needs of the users.
  • Makes easy to users to navigate the tools, minimizing the time for training and process.
  • EDC and DCT systems design the interfaces to fit the user's expectations and behavior.
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Compliance Programs Supported 

Jeeva eClinical Cloud is the Only Platform Backed by Outstanding Study Support led by our CEO.

Our leadership team recognizes that every day delayed in clinical development can cost you, the biopharmaceutical sponsor, $600K to $8M in lost revenue for your drug or biological product. Therefore, we have a company mandate to be nimble, responsive, and efficient in our DNA.

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Client Testimonials

Ready to Explore Jeeva eClinical Cloud for Your Study?

Jeeva eClinical Cloud modules and packages are designed to be disease-agnostic, device-agnostic, flexible, and modular to support patient-preferred decentralized or hybrid trial operations. Schedule a 30-minute call today to determine the fit. We will help you identify gaps in technology or protocol complexity to enable an informed decision.