Advantages of Our eClinical Solution


It has configurations for most protocols aligned with traditional, decentralized, or hybrid clinical trials. We also focus on incorporating local and mobile caregivers to provide you with the best services needed for the practice.

Centralized Schedule of Visits

Configure simple or complex clinical trial protocols in one central location. Manage and schedule patient visits and track the status of each visit. As a result, you can easily create, modify, and manage protocol amendments, such as changes to visit dates, informed consents, and procedures.

Real-time Monitoring of Sites, Patients, and Data

Collect, track, and analyze data in real-time to generate immediately actionable insights. Real-time data monitoring helps identify opportunities, reduce risk, and make better decisions. In addition, it increases efficiency by reducing costs.

Modular Pricing

Modular pricing is a great way to structure the cost of a product or service. You can allow customers to choose the necessary modules without paying for extras. Jeeva’s clinical trial solution enables customers to pay only for needed modules.

Minimize Logistical Burden

Jeeva's clinical data management help minimize logistical burdens while configuring your unique protocol. Our experienced professionals help you create a protocol that meets your needs while reducing logistical hurdles.

Maximize Convenience and Engagement

Our reliable eClinical technology for newly emerging biopharmaceutical and medical device sponsors offers maximum convenience and engagement for participants. It removes the necessity for manual data entry or visits to research sites.

eClinical Platform Highlights - Jeeva eClinical Cloud

eClinical Platform Highlights

Decentralization of clinical trials in the healthcare industry improves the efficiency of practices.

Our decentralized clinical trials solution allows you to conduct trials in multiple locations to improve accessibility, making it easy to manage participants who live far from the research labs. In addition, it allows patients to participate in clinical trials from their homes, eliminating potential confounding factors such as environmental exposure or lifestyle effects.

Compliance Programs Supported 

A Decentralization Solution for All the Potential Participants

Jeeva’s modular eClinical platform allows you to customize your trial protocol with adjustable sliders for each centralized or decentralized activity. It includes informed consent, pre-screening, clinical assessments, patient-reported outcomes, remote tele or video visits, and tracking medication adherence. With Jeeva, you can create a tailored trial protocol that meets your needs.
Decentralization Solution for All the Potential Participants - Jeeva eClinical Cloud

Our Decentralized eClinical Platform Modules

eConsent as a Service - Platform Modules

eConsent as a Service (eCaaS)

Facilitate researchers with remote screening and recruitment of participants while ensuring compliance.

eCOA and ePRO - Platform Modules

eCOA and ePRO

Allow clinicians to electronically collect patient-reported data such as questionnaires, diaries, and surveys.

TrialMagnetTM - Platform Modules


Enables remote screening and smooth enrollment of clinical trial participants with reduced cost and time.

TeleVisits and VideoVisits - Platform Modules

TeleVisits and VideoVisits

Minimize the operational burden for researchers and travel for patients to visit investigator sites via audio or video calling.

Electronic Data Capture - Platform Modules

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Capture clinical trial data with confidence, in the proper format, with edit checks and validation.

Omni Channel Patient Engagement - Platform Modules

Omni Channel Patient Engagement

Conveniently communicate with patients via various channels, such as SMS, email, audio, video, and our study app.

Adverse Events and Concomitant Medications - Platform Modules

Adverse Events and Concomitant Medications

Capture adverse events using MedDRA coding and concomitant medications using WHODrugDB.

Schedule of Visits - Platform Modules

Schedule of Visits

Easily configure trial schedules with centralized locations and simple protocol amendments.

Features of Jeeva eClinical Cloud

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Still Curious If Jeeva eClinical Cloud is a Good Fit for Your Study?

Jeeva eClinical Cloud is designed to be disease-agnostic, device-agnostic, flexible, and modular to support patient-preferred decentralized or hybrid trial operations. Schedule a 30-minute call today to determine the fit. We will help you identify gaps in technology or protocol complexity to enable an informed decision.