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October 13, 2021

Clinical Trials Need More Diversity—This Tech Company is Trying to Change That

Studies have found that when people with diverse backgrounds are not adequately represented, treatments shown to be effective in trials may not be effective for all populations. This is why focusing on diversity in clinical trials is critical from this point forward.


October 12, 2021

Distrust, Fear Hamper COVID Vaccinations, Clinical Trial Diversity

The medical research community needs to plan and work toward earning the trust of diverse patients in both in-person and online settings. It cannot be assumed or taken for granted. To help overcome the lingering effects of these long-ago but well-remembered occurrences, says Dr. Harsha Rajasimha, founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc., it is necessary to address patients’ fears with real facts and real data. Prospective clinical trial participants need to understand as clearly as possible what they are consenting to, what the risks might be, and how the potential results will benefit mankind.

October 11, 2021

Healthcare Innovators to Change How Industry Communicates Telehealth

Companies that organize and conduct clinical drug trials are challenged to find and retain participants. Current statistics show that 85% of all clinical trials are delayed during patient recruitment, and 30% are terminated early due to failure to enlist enough patients. Even the small proportion of trials that manage enroll the required number experience an average 30% dropout rate. However, there are companies bringing fully scalable modular software-as-a-service platform to facilitate patient enrollment, engagement, and evidence generation in clinical trials on any browser-enabled mobile device, effectively bringing much of the trial processes to the participant.

September 20, 2021

Patient-Centric Approach to Clinical Trials Improves Outcomes for All Stakeholders

According to researchers at the MIT Sloan School of Management, the probability of FDA approval of an industry-sponsored drug entering Phase One of the clinical trial process is 13.8%. A major factor in a trial’s success or failure, notes Dr. Harsha Rajasimha, founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc., is the trial sponsor’s ability to recruit and retain patients.


September 10, 2021

Patients Deserve Remote Clinical Trial Options

“It’s not reasonable, ethical, or fair to expect patients to go to a physical site when it’s not necessary” for the conduct of a clinical trial, says Dr. Harsha Rajasimha, founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc.


August 31, 2021

Decentralized Clinical Trials Boost Enrollment, Increase Patient Diversity

As medical centers were forced to focus on COVID-related care, and optional travel was curtailed by the need for physical distancing, patients’ access to clinical trial sites was reduced by some 80%. In response, notes Dr. Harsha Rajasimha, founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics, sponsors have moved rapidly to shift as much clinical trial activity as possible from centralized locations to the patients’ homes or nearby facilities such as pharmacies—with positive results. “Decentralization,” says Dr. Rajasimha, “has proven to be highly beneficial to sponsors and patients alike, and to significantly improve patient diversity, recruitment, and retention.”



August 25, 2021

Jeeva Joins the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN)

Jeeva™ eClinical Cloud platform achieved the coveted Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) and Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) approvals. Jeeva partnered with nOps team and continuous monitoring platform to achieve this milestone. Jeeva is excited to join the Amazon partners network (APN) to pursue co-marketing and co-selling opportunities with the global AWS network.



August 22, 2021

Jeeva was named a digital innovation finalist for advancing pediatric rare disease research in the Bear Pack contest

Jeeva is proud to announce the selection among the top 4 finalists in the Bear Pack Contest conducted by the Children's National  Medical Center and Cerner Corporation. The selection was based on voting by numerous leaders from children's hospitals across the United States. This is a great validation of Jeeva's innovation, commitment, and flexible usability of software platforms to accelerate clinical research including the much neglected rare pediatric disorders.



August 15, 2021

Customer Case Study Announcement

A large US research University has signed up with Jeeva to run a 5-year longitudinal cohort study with 2500 participants on the Jeeva software. The academic research team will be transitioning over to Jeeva eClinical cloud a as single integrated platform and will retire the 3 different tools they were previously using. Their evaluation and pilot ran for the last several months.



August 01, 2021

Jeeva Wins the IGNITE Grant by Prince William County in Virginia

Jeeva is pleased to announce its selection as a winner of the competitive Prince William County IGNITE grant in Virginia. Prince William County’s IGNITE grant offers cash to selected high-growth companies and tech catalyst organizations. The $50,000 non-dilutive grant help Jeeva further commercialize the Jeeva eClinical Cloud in the thriving Bioscience park in PWC, commonwealth of Virginia, and beyond.



August 17, 2021

Removing Logistical Burdens, Maximizing Technological Solutions Could Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of rigorous clinical trials has been at the center of discussions regarding the development and validity of COVID-19 vaccines. However, another issue accompanying these discussions has been affecting the health care landscape for many years: the lack of diversity among the volunteers who participate in clinical trials


August 16, 2021

How Jeeva’s Technology Can Make An Important Impact In Our Overall Wellness

Our founder and CEO Harsha K. Rajasimha sat down with Authority Magazine's Dave Philistin for an in-depth interview about his entrepreneurial journey and mission to improve health outcomes through eClinical technology.


July 21, 2021

New Technology to Help Increase Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials

Patient test groups for new drugs and treatments, notes Dr. Harsha Rajasimha of Jeeva Informatics, tend to be non-diverse. However, recently developed digital health technologies can help broaden participation while reducing the logistical burden on both patients and study teams.

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July 16, 2021

Our advisory board member Dr. Kamala Maddali was featured in PharmaVoice

Cancer Genetics is a global company whose state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies help determine what will work best for each individual cancer patient and light a path for biophamaceurtical companies working with immunotherapies.


July 16, 2021

Jeeva was positioned in the Everest Group's inaugural #PEAKmatrix on Decentralized Clinical Trial Products for 2021

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs), in which clinical trial data is collected through sensors or remote monitoring devices carried by a patient without the need to visit a site, can deliver many benefits to pharmaceutical companies, including cost savings, better patient recruitment and retention, and improved data quality.


July 13, 2021

Virginia awards grants to Tysons tech businesses for commercial research projects

Tysons Corner, VA: Two technology companies in Tysons have each received $100,000 grants as part of a new state initiative intended to support projects that turn research into commercial products or services. Gov. Ralph Northam announced yesterday (Monday) that Virginia will award $3.4 million in grants to 34 small, technology-focused businesses for the inaugural round of the Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF), which launched in 2020 to help advance promising technology through the development process.


July 12, 2021

Governor Northam Announces $3.4 Million to Advance Research Commercialization in Key Technology Sectors

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today announced that 34 small technology-focused businesses in Virginia will receive a total of $3.4 million in Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) grants to commercialize research in an array of sectors, including agricultural and environmental technologies, autonomous systems, clean energy, cybersecurity, data analytics, life sciences, and space and satellites. These awards mark the inaugural funding round for CCF, which was developed through the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority (VIPA).


June 14, 2021

Kennesaw State University completes a pilot study on the Jeeva eClinical Cloud Platform 

Jeeva announced the completion of a collaborative project with Kennesaw State University comparing the usability of Jeeva eClinical cloud with the REDCap software that has been in use for 5000 academic institutions worldwide. The results are pending peer-review for a journal publication anticipated in Fall 2021.



Patient Recruitment is the Elephant Slowing the Speed of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the regulatory mechanisms agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) use to evaluate and review evidence of safety and efficacy of investigational medicines in humans.

With the cost of discovery and development of one novel therapy exceeding $2.5 billion over a duration of 10-15 years, according to a 2018 PhRMA report, initiating, conducting, and successfully completing a clinical trial of any kind is one of the most complex endeavors.

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World Virtual Clinical Trial Service Providers Market 2020-2025, by Type of Therapeutic Area, End-Users, Phase of Development and Key Geographies

Dublin, April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Virtual Clinical Trial Service Providers Market by Type of Therapeutic Area, End-Users, Phase of Development (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV), and Key Geographies: Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2020-2050" report has been added to's offering.

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January 28, 2021

Jeeva Informatics Hosts Rare Disease Panel on Decentralized, Patient-Focused Clinical Trials

In recognition of Rare Disease Day 2021, Jeeva Informatics (Jeeva) brought together a panel of experts to discuss the importance of transforming the clinical trial process for rare diseases. The panel included Annie Kennedy, Chief of Policy and Advocacy, EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases; Thomas Lester, Former Executive Director, Audentes Therapeutics; Scott Schliebner, Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs & Therapeutic Expertise, PRA Health Sciences; and Dr. Eric Sid, Program Director, National Center for Advancing Translational Science, Office of Rare Disease Research, (NCATS)/NIH.

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January 08, 2021

Jeeva Founder and CEO to Present to Investors at the 39th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference January 11-14, 2021

Jeeva AI-driven eClinical cloud accelerates #clinicalresearch at scale with remote touchless patient recruitment and patient retention.

Schedule an appointment with on the BIO one on one partnering portal or here:

We look forward to kicking off the year with #JPM2021.

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December 21, 2020

Holiday virtual networking and celebration with friends of Jeeva hosted by Harsha Rajasimha

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December 16, 2020

Jeeva's perspective article published on the Patient Worthy portal

Avoid These 5 Real-World Data Pitfalls When Planning your Patient Registry, Natural History, or Other Clinical Study for a Rare Disease

1.      Don’t toggle between multiple software to manage the study.

2.      Don’t expect your clinical team to manually configure & execute the study.

3.      Don’t confuse informed consent with collecting signatures (electronic or otherwise).

4.      Don’t skip planning for travel restrictions that could halt in-person office visits.

5.      Don’t limit your study participants to a specific mobile device manufacturer.

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May 13, 2020

Jeeva to present at the KiwiTech's First Online Version of its Minority Founders Demo Day

KiwiTech, a tech startup accelerator that helps early to growth-stage startups in their product development drive traction and access capital, announced that it will host the 4th edition of its Minority Founders Demo Day on May 14, 2020, virtually for the first time.

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April 08, 2020

KiwiTech and Jeeva Informatics Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Washington, DC: KiwiTech, LLC, an innovation platform that helps startups build viable products, drive traction, and raise capital, today announced a strategic partnership with Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc, an AI-driven startup that builds patient-focused big data and digital health solutions for accelerating clinical research.
Source: Benzinger
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March 12, 2020
Speeding Up the Search for Cures – Jeeva Informatics Solutions

By any measure, Harsha Rajasimha, PhD, was a successful man. He had published journal articles and chapters in professional textbooks; he had received patents, honors, and awards for his work. But none of these accomplishments equipped him to help his baby, who died from Edwards Syndrome, a rare congenital disease.
Source: America's SBDC
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February 2020
This Startup is on a Mission to Decentralize Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
For the cell and gene therapy revolution to be fully realized, physicians, research scientists, biomanufacturing experts, advocacy groups, regulatory bodies like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other key stakeholders have to “Think Different”, as Apple famously encouraged.
Source: BioBuzz
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Jan. 29, 2020

Five Biotechs Poised to Advance Their Rare Disease Programs in 2020

The Biohealth Capital Region (BHCR) is at the leading edge of the rare disease market with companies like American Gene TechnologiesREGENXBIOCerecorAsklepion Pharmaceuticals, Lediant, and others advancing their pipelines towards rare disease treatments and cures. The region’s robust rare disease sector also includes a host of companies that support rare disease research and development like Jeeva Informatics, GeneDx, Aperiomics and HemoShear among others. In short, the portfolio of rare disease companies and growing support ecosystems make the BHCR a global hub for rare disease R&D.

Source: Steve Surdez, StoryCore contribution to
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Jan. 08, 2020
CIT GAP Funds Invests in Jeeva to Decentralize and Improve Clinical Trial Operations
The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) today announced that CIT GAP Funds has invested in Herndon, Va.-based Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc. (Jeeva), a precision medicine data science company focused on significantly accelerating clinical trial operations by taking trials to patients’ homes. Using AI and digital health technologies, Jeeva fast tracks patient recruitment, improves adherence to trial protocols, and reduces patient burden and dropout rates, solving some of the pressing challenges in bringing innovative medicines to market effectively. Jeeva plans to use the GAP Funds investment to advance customer pilot projects and use cases for further validation.
Source: Press release
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April 30, 2019

Industry Leaders Outline Five Important Elements Impacting Rare Disease Drug Development

Leaders from AstraZeneca, American Gene Technologies, REGENXBIO, GeneDX, and Jeeva Informatics Solutions recently converged on the newly redesigned 704 Quince Orchard innovation space in Gaithersburg, Maryland for a panel discussion on drug development and rare disease.
Source: BioBuzz
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September 12, 2018

Summer Internship Program in Precision Medicine Creates a Win-Win for Students and Local Company

Technologies such as cloud, bigdata, nosql databases, mobile apps, wearable sensors, and healthcare data interoperability are buzz words to many, but they are technologies that are propelling the healthcare-IT field forward into new frontiers.  The possibilities these technologies bring can aide in patient engagement, data aggregation, integration and analytics for precision medicine. This is the cutting-edge space that Jeeva Informatics, a local company, operates in.  It’s also a very attractive field for students who are eager to get work experience in the emerging technologies of the future.
Source: BioBuzz

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