Jeeva Informatics Announces Emerging Focus in OMICS and Precision Medicine

Jeeva Trials Announces Emerging Focus in OMICS and Precision Medicine

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Genomics expert and social entrepreneur, Harsha Rajasimha, looks to bridge OMICS and Exposure Health with partner DailyBreath at the inaugural total exposure health conference this week.

Bethesda, MD – Jeeva Clinical Trials Inc. (Jeeva), a premier healthcare and life sciences informatics company with the vision to democratize precision medicine at community level, is participating this week in the inaugural Total Exposure Health 2018 conference at Bethesda, MD. The conference aims to bridge exposure health with precision medicine. Besides a patient’s genome, their exposome is a personal determinant of health that is becoming mainstream as we move towards personalized health and precision medicine. Identifying the gene-environment interactions could hold great promise for addressing chronic conditions like allergies, asthma, COPD and pain. Jeeva’s solutions are among the 1st to include exposure data with its partner, DailyBreath. Jeeva is seeking opportunities to implement cohort studies with government agencies, bio-pharma, and emerging medical cannabis companies.

Dr. Rajasimha is translating his participation in a series of groundbreaking projects at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, NCI, NEI, FDA,, Strand Genomics and Biopharma R&D consulting, into a deliberate focus on providing expertise and solutions to support virtual cohort studies and data science. He is seeking to bring innovative solutions to the market. A team of Jeeva interns have already developed a prototype of the frontend patient facing mobile clinical data trials platform, and a backend multidimensional data hub. Together, these solutions aim to empower and engage patients as partners in clinical research and development.

“Jeeva has a vision and unique approach to address industry problems using digital health and bigdata technologies to aggregate and integrate the four quadrants of health data (molecular OMICS, environmental exposure, social determinants, and behavior/lifestyle). With our partner’s HEALTHeWeather Intelligence Platform, we have a unique capability to integrate environmental exposure data into our solutions.” Dr. Rajasimha said. Eric Klos, CEO of DailyBreath stated, “I’m pleased to have aligned with Harsha as he seeks to bring precision medicine solutions to market. He uniquely recognizes that the exposome is a key element to document in tracking a patient’s health and wellness and within the context of treatment.”

Jeeva is pleased also to announce the launch of the Digital OMICS Innovators MeetUp to be held on Thursday, September 20, 2018 in partnership with BioBuzz Media, with support from Biohealth Innovation, BioHealth Capital Region Forum, and other sponsors and promoters. “We believe in the power of community engagement, especially in our resources rich biohealth capital region. We hope to see significant industry engagement that will benefit all stakeholders of personalized medicine.” said Chris Frew, BioBuzz Media. Dr. Rajasimha will be moderating a panel on which Eric Klos and four other executives from the biohealth capital region will present their innovations in OMICS, precision medicine and digital health technologies. For more information, the agenda, and registration, visit the meetup page.


Jeeva Clinical Trials Inc. (Jeeva) ( is a premier healthcare and life sciences informatics company with the vision to democratize precision medicine at community level. Jeeva offers expertise and solutions to engage patients as partners in clinical research from the convenience of their own home or office. Jeeva aims to accelerate biomedical research and therapies development while reducing cost using mobile health and bigdata platforms.

DailyBreath ( is a personal allergy and asthma learning and warning system based on patient’s experience of triggers in their daily life.