Advantages of Jeeva EDC System for Clinical Trials

Improved Data Quality & Accuracy

EDC software allows data to be collected in real-time and stored in a centralized and secure location. Our EDC module eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the potential for human error with configurable edit checks.

Increased Efficiency

EDC system reduces the time required to collect and report clinical trial data. This allows researchers to evaluate results quickly and make decisions more quickly.

Cost Savings

Minimize data capture costs with a lightweight electronic system, minimal manual efforts, and other paper-based processes.

Enhanced Security

Jeeva Clinical Trials EDC solution reduces the risk of data loss or theft, as all data is stored electronically on secure cloud servers.

Improved Compliance

Our EDC system helps Sponsors and CROs ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards by providing an audit trail of all data management activities.

EDC Highlights - Electronic Data Capture

Jeeva EDC Software Highlights

Our EDC software of the eClinical cloud allows you to electronically capture clinical trial data with confidence, in the proper format, with edit checks and validation to ensure a successful clinical trial.

At Jeeva, we provide clinical researchers and patients with a highly intuitive user experience.

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What Can You Do with Jeeva EDC?

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Still Curious If Jeeva EDC is a Good Fit for Your Study?

Jeeva eClinical cloud is designed to be disease-agnostic, device-agnostic, flexible, and modular to support patient-preferred decentralized or hybrid trial operations. Schedule a 30-minute call today to determine the fit. We will help you identify gaps in technology or protocol complexity to enable an informed decision.