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Data Ownership and Governance as Leverage for Patient Groups to Accelerate Therapies for their Disease

Jeeva’s patent pending eClinical cloud solution for rapid remote touch-less patient enrollment, electronic informed consent, and data collection to setup registries or natural history studies with bi-directional communication and frictionless user experience for coordinators and patients.

Data Ownership and Governance - Patient Groups
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We interviewed hundreds of patients, advocates, and foundation leaders

They all expressed dissatisfaction and complained about the poor experience with patient registries, lack of flexibility, or having made wrong choices early on in signing up with free registries but giving up control over their data.
Whether you are setting up a registry or natural history study, a flexible user-friendly platform that enables long-term engagement and puts you on a solid foundation is critical.
Jeeva eClinical cloud can save you time, money, and most importantly, help ensure patient groups can drive collaborations among all stakeholders around the valuable data collected to accelerate therapies.

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Reduces the logistical burden on patient groups by over 70 %

With a software that is designed in a human-centric approach by a visionary patient advocate, bi-directional communications between patients and central coordinators, scheduling, eligibility screening, and remote touch-less electronic informed consent, patient foundations can rapidly enroll patients into registry studies remotely from the convenience of their own homes & mobile devices. Jeeva eClinical cloud achieves this by combining email campaigns, drop and drop form builder, electronic consent with signatures, and workflow configurations for rapid omnichannel patient recruitment.

Packages that fit the budgets of non-profit patient groups without compromising quality or ownership of data

Commercial software platforms designed for high-quality clinical data collection were meant solely for biopharmaceutical companies or CROs for use in clinical trials. These remain unaffordable to most non-profit patient foundations or academic groups. The freely available academic registry platforms are not of high enough quality or do not offer the necessary technical support necessary to empower patient groups to use them. Those that do provide these features tend to cause concerns around data sharing, governance, or ownership.

Enables rapid enrollment of patients from a variety of channels including Facebook groups, email campaigns, SMS, WhatsApp, or web portals

Patient groups are solely motivated by accelerating the otherwise slow pace of progress in the therapy development process. This means the software should enable rapid patient education & enrollment about the registry studies, their data sharing policies, commitment expected, and other aspects of the study in multimedia formats. A drag and drop user-friendly interface can help patient groups develop standard operating procedures to develop high-quality registries advised by clinical researchers.

Features for Patient Groups

We Interviewed Hundreds Of Patients, Advocates, And Foundation Leaders - Patient Groups

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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