Problems Addressed by Jeeva Video eConsent

Waste of Research Investigator’s Time

A research investigator spends an average of 15-60 minutes per subject to obtain proper informed consent. The process is very repetitive.

Overload of Information for Patients in 15min

Patients are overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information they are expected to read and understand before they decide and provide informed consent in a single consultation. Patients can’t consume ~50 pages in 15 min.

Cost Associated with In-person Informed Consent

The direct and indirect costs of obtaining informed consent include investigator time, coordinators, nurses, and facilities.

Huge Logistical Burdens

Patients or caregivers and legally authorized representatives often have to travel in person to the investigation site and wait for several minutes to hours to complete and access proper informed consent.

Patient Comprehension

Investigators are required to verify that the patients or caregivers fully understand the risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial before obtaining informed consent.

No Support for Various Scenarios

Modern clinical trials require flexible scenarios for obtaining informed consent in-person or remotely at multiple sites nationally or globally. There is a lack of flexible tools for all scenarios.

eCaaS Highlights - eConsent as a Service

eConsent as a Service Highlights

Jeeva remote eCaaS is an innovative SaaS-based collaboration platform hosted on the secure AWS cloud designed to assist clinical researchers. It facilitates the remote screening and recruitment of participants while ensuring full compliance with regulations by collecting accurate informed consent.

The eCaaS solution enables social media outreach to targeted groups, minimizes costly screen failures, and boosts success rates. It helps avoid information overload for patients and builds trust by organizing all trial information in one accessible central location, accelerating the recruitment process and timelines.

Advantages of Jeeva eConsent Solution

90% Savings in Researcher Time

The JeevaTM video eCaaS offers an impressive reduction in time for medical researchers and patients alike. Patients can learn about the trial leisurely from their homes.

Minimize Information Overload

Patients can consume information in multimedia formats at their convenience, all in one location at an online portal—the ability to refer back to the information at any time before and after signing the consent.

90% Cost Savings

A software subscription and support solution that fits your budget without compromising the compliance or integrity of the informed consent process.

Lower Logistic Burden

eCaaS reduces clinical investigators' logistical burden and time by 90+%. It eliminates having to repeat info to each patient, with video/multimedia formats for patients to consume on their own devices/schedules.

Informed Patients

Ensures patients have enough information with multimedia content and FAQs. Verify comprehension with a quiz or scored questionnaire.

Flexible Scenarios

Support is fully remote, entirely in-person, or hybrid, depending on participant preference, IRB requirements, or investigator comfort.

Compliance Programs Supported 

Ditch the paper with Jeeva electronic in-person or remote video-based econsent –save time, cost, and stress

The Jeeva eConsent as a Service provides you with unlimited possibilities! Our eConsent module displays all the eConsent and eAssent forms associated with your study, enabling you to create, rename, edit, publish, assign, unpublish, or delete them.

You can view all the e-consents with details such as eConsent title, Participants assigned, Version number, Status, IRB approval date, IRB expiration date, and Site(s) for which the eConsent applies.

Handle Paper-based, Electronic In-person or Remote Touchless eConsent in One Place - eConsent as a Service
Variety of Scenarios - eConsent as a Service

Flexible Scenarios Supported by eConsent

  • The entirely in-person and paper-based informed consenting process was later scanned into electronic (PDF) format for archival and remote verification.
  • In-person electronic informed consent with eSignature by patients at an investigator site on an iPad during a visit.
  • Fully remote electronic informed consent via live interactive video call. Calls and eSignatures of the patient, investigator, and legally authorized representative are recorded.
  • Supports Central IRB or site-specific IRBs to review the eConsent experience as it would appear to the patients before they can approve for use.

Features of eCaaS Solution

Features of the Schedule - Schedule of Visits

Jeeva Video eConsent as a Service (eCaaS) is Backed by Study Support led by our CEO. 

eConsent as a Service

Jeeva Video eConsent as a Service (eCaaS) is Backed by Study Support led by our CEO. 

eConsent as a Service

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Still Curious If Jeeva eCaaS is a Good Fit for Your Study?

Jeeva is designed to be disease-agnostic, device-agnostic, flexible, and modular to support patient-preferred decentralized or hybrid trial operations. Schedule a 30-minute call today to determine the fit. We will help you identify gaps in technology or protocol complexity to enable an informed decision.