Advantages of eCaaS Solution

Reduced Research Time

The JeevaTM eCaaS offers an impressive reduction in time and costs for medical researchers and regulators alike.

Access to Consents

Provides powerful benefits to patients throughout the eClinical trial process, enabling them to access their informed consent forms from pre-screening to enrollment to study completion.

Cost Effective

A software subscription model that fits your budget without compromising the integrity of the informed consent process.

Lower Logistics

eCaaS reduces clinical investigators' logistical burden and time by 90+%. It eliminates having to repeat info to each patient, with video/multimedia formats for patients to consume on their own devices/schedules.

Informed Patients

Ensures patients have enough information to make an informed decision about participating in the clinical investigation.

All the Facts

Ensures that participants have all the facts before deciding whether to participate in the research.

eCaaS Highlights - eConsent as a Service

eCaaS Highlights

Jeeva remote eCaaS is an innovative SaaS-based collaboration platform hosted on the secure AWS cloud designed to assist clinical researchers. It facilitates the remote screening and recruitment of participants while ensuring full compliance with regulations by collecting accurate informed consent.

The eCaaS solution helps maximize social media outreach to targeted groups, reduce costly screen failures, and boost success rates. In addition, it streamlines the recruitment process and shortens timelines.

Compliance Programs Supported 

Handle Paper-based, Electronic In-person or Remote Touchless eConsent in One Place

The Jeeva eConsent as a Service provides you with unlimited possibilities! Our eConsent module displays all the eConsent and eAssent forms associated with your study, enabling you to create, rename, edit, publish, assign, unpublish, or delete them.

You will be able to view all the e-consents with details such as eConsent title, Participants assigned, Version number, Status, IRB approval date, IRB expiration date, Site(s) for which the eConsent applies.

Handle Paper-based, Electronic In-person or Remote Touchless eConsent in One Place - eConsent as a Service
Variety of Scenarios - eConsent as a Service

Variety of Scenarios Under eConsent

  • Get an entirely in-person and paper-based informed consenting process.
  • In-person and paper-based informed consent are later scanned into electronic (PDF) format for archival and remote verification.
  • In-person and electronic informed consent involve eSignature by patients on an investigator site’s iPad during a visit.
  • Offers a convenient and secure way to obtain fully remote electronic informed consent via a live, interactive video call. All calls will be recorded, along with the signatures of the patient, investigator, and any other necessary stakeholders, as required by the IRB-approved informed consent form.
  • A center IRB-approved informed consent or site-specific informed consent forms.
  • The ability for institutional review boards (IRBs) to review the eConsent experience as it would appear to the patients before they can approve for use.

Features of eCaaS Solution

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Still Curious If Jeeva eCaaS is a Good Fit for Your Study?

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