Frank Sasinowski, MPH, JD
A legendary leader in Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs Regulations
Frank Sasinowski, MPH, JD, Legendary Leader in Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Regulations

There is an urgent need for validated tools to help ensure continuity and integrity of clinical trial operations during and beyond the pandemic.

Marshall Summar, MD, Ph.D.
Director, Rare Disease Institute, Children's National Hospital
Marshall Summar, MD, PhD, Director, Rare Disease Institute, Children's National Hospital

It is really unfair to expect patients or healthy volunteers to visit a hospital or clinic when it is really not necessary when a task can be effectively completed safely, remotely, from the comfort of where they live. Jeeva is going to be a game-changer for pediatric clinical research for rare diseases.

Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD
Professor and Chair, Nutrition and Food Studies, George Mason University
Lawrence J Cheskin

For our longitudinal cohort study, we are enjoying our seamless transition to this platform. Flexibility in programming. Outstanding live support by JEEVA staff.

David Hirsch
Founder, Special Father's Network, 21st Century Dads Foundation
David Hirsch, Founder, Special Father's Network, 21st Century Dads Foundation

Jeeva is a best-in-class solution for gathering clinical information with best-in-class customer service. Two thumbs up.

Nisha Venugopal, Ph.D.
Program Manager, Indo US Organization for Rare Diseases
Nisha Venugopal, Ph.D.

Very happy with the easy-to-use interface and the detailed user manual which are supported by a highly responsive
team! Our patient concierge is enabled by Jeeva's technology platform.

Sean Mallon
Vice President, Commercialization, Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC)

"The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) is pleased to provide financial support - both in the form of a grant and an equity investment - to Jeeva. Jeeva is an excellent example of the kind of startup we look to support: Virginia-based, leveraging innovative technology, and pursuing a large market opportunity. We wish Dr. Rajasimha and his team the best of luck as they continue to build this company."

Josh Green, PMP
Director ICAP, Small Business Development Center, George Mason University
Josh Green, PMP George Mason University ICAP

We are proud that Jeeva went on to emerge #1 on the leaderboard of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation-Corps Program.

Christiaan Engstrom
Vice President, Talencio, Serious Talent Chats
Christiaan Engstrom Talencio Serious Talent Chats

Jeeva is a leader in the clinical trials software industry, faster patient recruitment, with a focus on global patient engagement.