Research Investigators

Save 70% of your time and maximize the probability of success of your clinical study

Avoid common pitfalls by starting your cohort study, patient registry, observational data collection, or clinical trial on Jeeva eClinical cloud platform. Save over 70% of the effort involved in toggling between numerous tools, coordination between multiple channels of engagement between study team and participants, participants use their own mobile device, and study specific data governance.
Save 70% Of Your Time And Maximize The Probability Of Success Of Your Clinical Study - Reasearch Investigators
Interviewed Hundreds Of Stakeholders Of Clinical Research - Research Investigators

We interviewed hundreds of stakeholders of clinical research

They all expressed dissatisfaction and complained about the poor experience with clinical trials.

Whether you are working with a patient group that is setting up a registry or natural history study, or with biotech that is sponsoring a long-term follow-up study for gene therapy, Jeeva Clinical can save you time and money while improving recruitment and retention of trial participants.

Compliance Programs Supported

Reduces the logistical burden on study teams and participants by >70 percent

With bi-directional communications by video/audio/SMS/emails, scheduling, eligibility screening, and remote touch-less electronic informed consent, investigators can rapidly engage and enroll participants in clinical studies remotely from where they are on their own mobile devices.

Packages that fit the budgets of research investigators or quality needs of global multi-site studies

We understand technology is a means to an end. We strive to achieve the right balance between the use of technology and expert human intervention to maximize flexibility in clinical operations. Study teams can save hundreds of hours in coordinating participants' schedules to ensure quality and compliance.

Reduces the timelines for study startup and participants recruitment by >3x

Jeeva SaaS streamlines the workflows for eligibility screening, bi-directional communications, and remote electronic informed consents with a focus on accelerating timelines while improving the user experience. The software maximizes flexible study operations so you can focus on patient outcomes.

Features for Researchers

We Interviewed Hundreds Of Patients, Advocates, And Foundation Leaders - Patient Groups

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Ready to Explore Jeeva eClinical Cloud for Your Study? 

Jeeva eClinical Cloud modules and packages are designed to be disease-agnostic, device-agnostic, flexible, and modular to support patient-preferred decentralized or hybrid trial operations. Schedule a 30-minute call today to determine the fit. We will help you identify technology or protocol complexity gaps to enable an informed decision