Careers at Jeeva

Are you passionate about helping patients with rare and debilitating diseases by reducing their burden of participating in clinical trials

Are you an empathetic person wanting to make the world of healthcare and life sciences better? Way better than it is today?

You are not looking for a job, but you wish to do what you love doing – helping people!

You’ve arrived! We are seeking outstanding candidates for multiple roles at Jeeva. You can send your resume to [email protected].

Careers at Jeeva - Careers at Jeeva

Job openings

Are you in the life science industry for a reason? Do you have a personal story about why & how you care for patients? Do you wake up every morning with a fire in your belly to make a difference in human lives everywhere? We like to talk to you. At Jeeva, we do, every single day, led by our Founder’s own story and passion. We are building a world-class team to make clinical trials accessible to all patients regardless of their zip code. We like to see the drug development process being efficient and cost-effective for sponsors and patients.
A full-time position or a contract position leading to a full-time position. A successful candidate for this role must have a go-getter attitude with an understanding of the highly competing demands of a technology startup company. The candidate will hit the road running on day one and is a quick learner, a stellar communicator, can adapt to changing needs, and have an analytical brain. The PM profile is a prominent role with tremendous growth potential to make a difference in the industry, transforming platform development from ground zero.