Business Development Executive

Job description

Are you in the life science industry for a reason? Do you have a personal story about why & how you care for patients? Do you wake up every morning with a fire in your belly to make a difference in human lives everywhere?

We like to talk to you. At Jeeva, we do, every single day, led by our Founder’s own story and passion. We are building a world-class team to make clinical trials accessible to all patients regardless of their zip code. We like to see the drug development process being efficient and cost-effective for sponsors and patients.

Strategic Marketing, B2B SaaS Sales, Partnerships, and Business Development for an innovative clinical trials software platform in the healthcare and life science industry.

Job Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be witty, with a good sense of humor, entrepreneurial, and will have a Rolodex in the life science industry with a solid understanding of the sales life cycles, the pulse of the market, keen business acumen, and a creative mind to conceive & execute new programs quickly.


Computer Software

Employment Type

Full-time or part-time