Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Jeeva eClinical cloud helps clinical researchers, patient advocacy groups, clinical research organizations (CROs), public health research organizations, and Biopharmaceutical sponsors to accelerate remote patient recruitment by 3x faster by reducing the logistical burdens on patients and study teams by over 70%. Jeeva’s flexible bring your own device (BYOD) Software as a Service (SaaS) works on any browser enabled mobile device. Modular software design allows a rapid study configuration with the features and workflows that fit the specific trial protocol whether short-term or long-term, cross-sectional or longitudinal, interventional or observational studies.
  1. Jeeva is a premium eClinical cloud solution that operates like air traffic control by allowing you to manage your clinical trials at an organizational level and a trial level.
  2. As an advanced and robust system for capturing, managing, and reporting clinical research data in Phase I and IV studies, Jeeva streamlines the clinical trial process and helps life science organizations to optimize their R&D investments.
  3. Throughout a clinical trial, Jeeva provides early visibility to reliable data—the lifeblood of every research organization—enabling study teams to safely and quickly make sound decisions and bring life-enhancing treatments to market.
  4. Jeeva’s highly scalable, software as-a-service (SaaS) architecture provides a cost-effective approach to quickly implement a single clinical trial or support an enterprise-wide deployment for multiple therapeutic areas, phases and studies—including post-marketing, observations, and registries.
  5. Jeeva’s extensive capabilities—wide support of industry data standards, flexibility to implement any data management workflow with secure access for all study team members, and a rich set of on-demand data extraction—provide a robust platform to manage site-, patient- and lab-reported data from EDC and other systems and rapidly make it available for analysis and submission.
  6. Jeeva also has a case report form (CRF) Assessment Tool that allows server-side validation of all information entered into the CRF while also allowing for editing and correction of errors detected in this process.
  7. From a single all-in-one, easy-to-use platform, you can conduct different kinds of medical research studies including cell and gene therapy trials, real world evidence studies, and long-term followup studies lasting 5-15 years or more.
  8. We make clinical trials more convenient to operate:
    • Mobile Web Formatting
    • Subject Registration
    • ePRO – questionnaires
    • Real-Time Communication: SMS, email & web reporting, alerts and notifications
  1. “Jeeva was designed to help today’s clinical research organizations and the trials of tomorrow.”
  2. A decentralized clinical trial model offers significant benefits to patients, study sponsors, and investigators.
    • Data collection becomes more personal for each patient as they actively engage in managing their own health data.
    • Once enrolled, patients are more motivated to complete follow-up surveys about their symptoms, and the data about their lifestyle habits helps the sponsor better understand the comorbidities of their patients.
    • Jeeva users engage patients using increasingly feasible digital technologies that are much more affordable than traditional methods.
    • Research has shown that decentralized clinical trials can achieve higher enrollment and faster time to completion when compared to traditional centralized clinical trials.
  3. Conducting a Jeeva Trial is right for you if you want to:
    • Accelerate your overall R&D processes by allowing you to reduce data entry time and improve speed of execution. To increase patient recruitment rates as well as project visibility by making sure that all of your data is accurate, clean and up-to-date.
    • Reduce risk exposure by ensuring timely accuracy of clinical trial information.
    • Increase trial start-up efficiency and to shorten the time to deliver your project on-time.
    • Enhance compliance with regulations and standards by helping you stay compliant with GCP/ICH/GMP, ISO, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 etc., requirements.
    • Dramatically reduce IT costs and staffing needs by offering a single solution for all types of clinical trials.
    • Securely share sensitive data with your colleagues, patients and healthcare providers.
    • Increase your organization’s overall performance metrics by improving the chances of reaching your project milestones.
  1. Jeeva has a unique set of Clinical Research Management modules. There is a module for each step in the clinical research life cycle: Pre-screen/Eligibility, Enrollment, Hybrid and siteless trials study start/Follow-ups, Adverse Events Reporting, Project Management and Analysis.
  2. Your teams will easily grasp the power of Jeeva every time they use it.
  3. The Jeeva eClinical Cloud provides an easy and seamless online experience enabling you to:
    • Run multiple clinical studies at scale with the ability to customize everything from user experience to process workflow and reporting.
    • Paperless data entry so that you can keep focused on running trials and not managing database back-end issues.
    • robust reporting features, stay on top of regulatory compliance requirements through audit trails, monitoring whether all information provided is accurate, easily available, up-to-date and complete.
    • Track eligibility for your clinical trials,
    • Achieve regulatory compliance with the configurable data integrity features that ensure regulatory fines and penalties will not compromise your business.
    • Reduce IT costs by using Jeeva cloud technology that is cost-effective to maintain while providing the analytics tools your teams need to manage your studies efficiently.
    • Record and manage multiple clinical trials at the same time
  4. We provide great features designed to save you time and resources:
    • Rapid study implementation – Ability to recruit the first patient on day 1
    • Therapeutic area-agnostic hybrid and decentralized trials
    • Tremendously flexibile, accessible, and easy to navigate
    • Simplified study management
    • Language support
    • Fast data entry
    • Real time data access and ability to extract data for reporting
    • Flexible trial data export to spreadsheets, text files, etc.
    • Storage and retrieval of SOPs
    • Access information easily and securely
  1. Jeeva is built based on insights derived from over 2000 stakeholder interviews. We have listened to patients, clinical operations leaders, biotech and pharma sponsors, clinical research organization (CRO) leaders, caregivers, and patients.
  2. From what we heard, people say that, “every clinical trial feels like the first trial ever undertaken by mankind.”
  3. That’s because each trial is different, even experienced clinical specialists run into the same issues trial after trial, year after year.
  4. We reverse engineered clinical operations and designed an all-in-one solution with your day-to-day and long-term challenges in mind.
  5. Jeeva’s agile platform for decentralized and remote clinical trials offers all the advantages of cloud computing: remote access, on-demand capacity, increased system reliability, scalability, and lower costs.
  1. Maintaining a high level of adherence to quality is an essential part of clinical research.
    • As such, the system does not allow any changes to the collected data and values which are already entered, thereby maintaining the integrity of evidence.
    • Our CRF maintains a full history of all data entered for each study.
    • This is important for accurate reporting of compliance to any regulatory agency.
    • It also provides invaluable evidence in the event of a dispute and allows for auditing the progress, results and quality assurance of the trial at every step.
  2. Jeeva is built on a secure cloud platform, providing secure access and reliability for clinical studies.
  3. The platform is backed by 24/7 support services where engineers monitor cloud infrastructure performance and provide remote assistance whenever requested by Jeeva customers.
  4. Jeeva’s cloud platform has automated networked security using firewalls, antivirus defense systems and multiple layers of authentication.
  5. Jeeva’s privacy policies also comply with the HIPAA guidelines for privacy and security of data for all users related to their use of Jeeva.
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