Protocol to Publication for IITs

Streamlined Support for Academic Principal Investigators: From Protocol Proposal Preparation to Publication.

Jeeva is proud to offer an affordable and comprehensive solution for academic principal investigators, supporting them from the initial protocol proposal preparation phase to publication. 

Our end-to-end turnkey solution ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) or Investigator Sponsored Trials (ISTs), assisting academic researchers conducting interventional and observational studies. 

Support for Academic Principal Investigators - Protocol to Publication

Advantages for IITs or ISTs

Study Design and Protocol Writing Assistance

With our chief medical officer leading the way, Jeeva’s team assists you with study design and protocol writing. We offer expert guidance and support to ensure a robust and well-structured study.

Seamless eClinical Solution

Jeeva's eClinical solution, managed by a dedicated team, facilitates quick protocol and eCRF configuration, patient screening and enrollment, engagement, EDC, and monitoring, using a variety of communication channels.

Enhanced Study Configuration Solution

If the protocol utilizes remote patient informed consent, TeleVisits, eCOA, or other decentralized tools, our team easily “adds” these features to the study configuration under the same login.

Data Support and Analysis

Jeeva’s trials team, led by Dr. Harsha Rajasimha, provides the biostatistical and data informatics support necessary during planning and downstream data analysis.

Overcoming Funding Challenges

We understand the unique challenges of IITs and ISTs, including limited funding, academic sponsors, government grants, or charitable donations. Sometimes industry may grant the intervention at no cost to support the study.

Supporting Other Studies

Additional studies that can be categorized under this model are observational, patient-funded studies, academic medical center research, patient foundation studies, non-profit organizations conducting approved clinical research, patient registries, natural history studies, and other cohort studies aiming for scientific publication.

Features of Jeeva

We Interviewed Hundreds Of Patients, Advocates, And Foundation Leaders - Patient Groups

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Ready to Explore Jeeva eClinical Cloud for Your Study?

The Jeeva eClinical Cloud boasts a remarkably user-friendly and intuitive interface. It has been thoughtfully designed to ensure smooth navigation and operation, catering to users with varying technical expertise. As a result, you can confidently conduct your study without getting overwhelmed by intricate software systems.