Advantages of Jeeva TeleVisits and VideoVisits Solution

Improved Patient Retention

Providing convenient options to patients and minimizing travel can help maximize engagement, adherence, and retention, especially in long-term follow-up with real-time access to medical advice.

Improved Access to Investigator Teams

Investigator staff can access patient’s data and complete remote assessments from anywhere in distant regions or countries.

Time Saving

Our TeleVisits and VideoVisits solution saves time by eliminating the need for patients to travel to investigator sites and research centers. Supports scheduled or unscheduled visits. Enables automatic recording of each call for remote monitoring, assessments, track and trace.


Offer convenience for both patients and investigators. Participants can get trials at home, which enables the researcher to reach a larger pool.

Cost Savings

Reduces the cost of clinical trial operations by eliminating travel costs for patients and investigator sites.

Improved Patient Experience

TeleVisits and VideoVisits enable healthcare providers to assess and monitor patients remotely. They can also provide real-time support for questions and medical concerns.

TeleVisits and VideoVisits Highlights - TeleVisits and VideoVisits

Our TeleVisits and VideoVisits System Highlights

Remote tele-visits or video-visits help minimize the travel burden for patients to visit investigator sites.

For clinical trial protocols that take advantage of such opportunities, particularly long-term follow-up studies, or post-treatment monitoring visits, Jeeva enables remote patient visits via audio or video calling through eClinical Cloud from any browser-based device. Supports both scheduled or unexpected or unscheduled visits with automatic recording for audit trail.

Compliance Programs Supported 

Improved Functionalities with Other Clinical Trial Modules

  • Combining video visits with the ePRO module, study teams can collect video-recorded patient-reported outcomes (vPRO) and video-recorded clinical outcomes assessments (vCOA) live.
  • The clinical staff can administer questionnaires to participants (vPRO) and makes clinical assessments (vCOA) live.
  • With its study-fit flexibility, the JeevaTM eClinical cloud allows surveys to be viewable by the participant, assigned staff, or both (vPRO).
  • For vCOA, responses and recordings are viewable by the research staff only.
  • By implementing vPRO and vCOA protocols, study teams can minimize the burden, maintain timelines, and meet participants wherever they are.
Improved Functionalities with Other Modules - TeleVisits and VideoVisits

Features of Our TeleVisits and VideoVisits Solution

Features of the Schedule - Schedule of Visits

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Still Curious If Jeeva eVisits Module is a Good Fit for Your Study?

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