Adaptable Subscription Options for Every Research Need_ Explore Jeeva’s Flexibility

Adaptable Subscription Options for Every Research Need: Explore Jeeva’s Flexibility

Delays in clinical trials, worsened by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), are now a challenge to patient access to new therapies. Evolving complex regulatory requirements, patient recruitment issues, and logistical problems have scrambled the research industry to a large scale.

Did you know? A staggering 80% of clinical trials face delays, and a significant portion (30%) can be attributed solely to recruitment challenges.

These delays hinder drug studies for pharmaceutical companies— – between $600,000 and 8 million dollars per day. Also, the lack of inclusivity in regional registries impedes understanding disease heterogeneity and natural history. It restricted the comprehensive insights needed for effective healthcare strategies.

Clinical trial software must integrate generative AI tools and large language models (LLMs) to accommodate non-native participants. It is crucial to develop regional or global registries that include geography, language, and culture and are tailored to the epidemiology of specific diseases.

Jeeva’s AI-driven eClinical Cloud for clinical research can address these issues. It can execute clinical trials with unique features not available in other solutions.

Learn how our unified AI-powered platform can manage clinical trials.

Table of Contents:

    1. A Jeeva’s Vision for Effortless Clinical Research
    2. Flexible Subscription Options for Every Need
    3. Global Reach: Language Support and CRO Integration
    4. Tailored Studies: Single-Center or Multi-Center Options
    5. Intelligent Automation: Streamlining Participant Screening
    6. Modular Design: Build Your Perfect Clinical Research Toolkit
    7. Real-Time Monitoring for Optimal Study Management
    8. Unmatched Features for Every Clinical Research Need
    9. Continuous Innovation: Free Upgrades and Future Enhancements
    10. Conclusion

A Jeeva’s Vision for Effortless Clinical Research

Consider a scenario with much back-and-forth effort that makes research professionals switch between 30+ a la carte tools. They operate their clinical trials, moving from one platform to another for recruitment, engagement, data management & analysis.

It ultimately reduces efficiency and consumes more time in management than engaging with patients. The research industry focuses on making clinical trials patient centered.

But, investing time in protocol design, following strict regulatory guidelines, and adhering to budget constraints, is becoming sluggish. eClinical Suite by Jeeva is the industry-leading platform purpose-built for patient-centricity by a visionary patient advocate and data scientist on a mission to accelerate drug development.

Backed by a comprehensive set of quality and compliance programs, it offers customizable & tailored eClinical solutions to meet all clinical study management and patient engagement needs.

Our platform is highly configurable to suit various therapeutic areas, including oncology, rare diseases, chronic conditions, health, and nutrition.

Flexible Subscription Options for Every Need

Focusing on easing the functionalities of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) of all sizes, Jeeva has introduced versatile subscription options.

Jeeva has tailored flexible solutions to meet diverse research needs and budgets, providing significant benefits that outweigh the costs.

  • Enterprise
  • Study-Specific Subscription

Enterprise Subscription

Our Enterprise solution is perfect for research teams and organizations overseeing multiple studies.

It offers seamless project management, streamlined access, enhanced collaboration, and comprehensive oversight from data collection to analysis, empowering impactful research outcomes.

Based on the clinical trial size, Jeeva’s Enterprise Subscription model features various benefits, as follows:

  1. Centralized Management: Many studies can be overseen from a single login, saving time and effort.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Ease seamless communication and collaboration among team members across various projects, including patients, to inform and engage them in their treatment process.
    Underrepresented groups can use our eclinical platform best through a Bring-Your-Own-Device approach, reducing travel burdens and improving accessibility.
  3. Comprehensive Oversight: Gain holistic visibility into all your studies, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning, protocol design and writing to report & publication.
  4. Efficient Resource Allocation: Optimize resource allocation, save manual efforts, and maximize productivity by managing workflows and project timelines.

Study-Specific Subscription

For emerging biopharma companies with recruitment and retention challenges, our Study-Specific subscription offers a tailored and cost-effective solution for your research projects.

Whether a single study or multiple projects, this option provides flexibility and affordability without compromising quality.

Benefit includes:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Enjoy budget-friendly pricing tailored to individual study needs, optimizing resource utilization.
  2. Focused Management: You will receive dedicated support and resources tailored to your study, ensuring personalized attention and efficient project execution.
  3. Tailored Features: Access a curated set of features and tools designed to meet the specific demands of your research project, enhancing effectiveness and relevance.
  4. Scalability: It can easily be scaled up or down based on project requirements, providing agility and adaptability to evolving research needs.

Global Reach: Language Support and CRO Integration

Global clinical trials struggle to include diverse populations due to language barriers, leading to slow recruitment and potential data biases.

For example, Sickle Cell Disease, or SCD has been a pressing medical concern in regions like Saharan Africa, followed by India.

The count is alarming with 236,000 newborn babies every year, nearly 80 times more than in the US, but the research options are leading in the United States. This creates a disparity in the treatment and research, accentuating the pressing need to bring interventions in this region.

The challenge is particularly pronounced in remote regions with linguistic diversity, hindering critical research progress.

Jeeva Clinical Trials Inc. offers robust language support for 100+ languages, enabling participants from different linguistic backgrounds to easily engage with clinical trial materials.

This breaks down language barriers and facilitates a more inclusive research approach.

  1. Enhanced Participant Engagement: By providing materials and communications in the participant’s native language, Jeeva improves comprehension and engagement, leading to higher retention rates.
  2. Accelerated Recruitment: Reaching non-English-speaking populations expedites recruitment, helping to meet study timelines more efficiently.
  3. Improved Data Quality: Clear communication reduces misunderstandings, ensures that participants accurately follow study protocols, and improves the reliability and quality of the collected data.
  4. Seamless Integration with CRO Services: Jeeva’s platform seamlessly integrates with CRO services, streamlining all aspects of clinical trials, from recruitment to data collection and analysis.

CROs can utilize Jeeva’s eClinical cloud platform to manage trials across different regions without the typical logistical and administrative burdens of multilingual operations.

Tailored Studies: Single-Center or Multi-Center Options

Jeeva Clinical Trials Inc. offers flexible study designs, whether single- or multi-center, to streamline operations and ensure synchronized data collection.

This adaptability accelerates timelines and optimizes resources tailored to achieve clinical development goals.

Intelligent Automation: Streamlining Participant Screening

Automation in clinical trials saves time and reduces errors. It speeds up participant enrollment, leading to timely advancements in medical research.

Jeeva’s intelligent automated workflows revolutionize remote participant screening by using advanced technology. This can streamline the process, ensure accuracy, and minimize manual effort, significantly reducing screening time.

Modular Design: Build Your Perfect Clinical Research Toolkit

We offer a modular approach for researchers to create personalized clinical research toolkits, including modules like EDC, eCOA, ePRO, and eConsent.

Our patient engagement portal ensures seamless communication throughout the study.

For example, in a clinical trial for a new cell therapy targeting a rare disease, the research team can use the EDC module. This will manage clinical data securely, integrate eCOA and ePRO for patient feedback, and use the eConsent module for remote electronic consent.

Through this clinical trial software, they can also customize their toolkit with features like patient screening workflows, appointment scheduling, and adverse event tracking. This modular approach is cost-effective and allows adjustments as the trial progresses or new requirements arise.

Jeeva’s design ensures that clinical trials are efficient, compliant, and participant-friendly, enhancing study outcomes.

AI in Clinical Trials

Real-Time Monitoring for Optimal Study Management

Our platform uses top-notch technology to ensure the highest security and compliance standards.

With SOC2 compliance and adherence to FDA, EU, and ISO standards, your data is secure and meets regulations.

Real-time monitoring allows proactive management and swift issue resolution for efficient clinical trials, focusing on delivering therapies to needy patients.

Unmatched Features for Every Clinical Research Need

Our platform streamlines clinical research by offering tools for patient recruitment, data collection, and regulatory submissions, all under one login.

Manage complex studies with intuitive dashboards, automated workflows, and robust reporting features.

Continuous Innovation: Free Upgrades and Future Enhancements

Jeeva is dedicated to continuous innovation, offering regular free upgrades and enhancements to keep you at the forefront of clinical research technology.

Our team integrates the latest advancements and user feedback to provide cutting-edge features. Stay ahead with our innovative platform for exceptional research results.


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