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Jeeva TRIALMAGNET™ to Accelerate Study Recruitment And Retention

Patient recruitment is a major barrier in clinical trials. This involves the identification of patients, screening them for inclusion/exclusion criteria of a given clinical trial, and enrolling eligible patients into the trial. An all-in-one digital platform

Evolution of ePROM

Evolution of ePROM: Advancements, Concerns, and the Way Forward

By adopting a checklist of key features or metrics that matter for your particular study, you can select a flexible software solution that best fits your clinical research needs. Then, you’re off to the races, track study progress, create data summaries, and prepare for regulatory compliance audits—all in one place. Following the 5 steps noted to overcome common research pitfalls can maximize the probability of success, save about 70% burden (hundreds of hours), and ensure great user experience in your clinical study. 

5 Ways SaaS Accelerates Clinical Trials

5 Ways SaaS Accelerates Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new sense of appreciation for clinical trials as masses watched clinical trials closely while pharmaceutical companies raced against the clock to find viable vaccines and drugs for the Coronavirus outbreak with