Remote Video eConsent for a Biospecimen Collection Study with Pediatric and Maternal Patients

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Customer: Childrens National Hospital

#5 childrens hospital in the United States serving child healthcare needs in the Washington DC area has a mission to advance pediatric care and research in neuroscience, genetics, developmentaldisorders, cancer, cardiovascular, nephrology, diabetes, and endocrinology.


The Principal Investigator has an ongoing long-term biospecimen collection study to advance genetic research. However, the PI was frustrated by
  • The amount of PI time involved in obtaining informed consents or assents from maternal and pediatric participants.
  • Repetitive task of explaining the same study details to each participant.
  • Requiring participants to travel to the hospital in downtown Washington DC to provide paper based informed consent resulting in a low number of participants willing to travel to CNH in Washington DC to provide informed consent.
eConsent as a Service Final

Jeeva Video eConsent Solution

Jeeva’s remote video eConsent as a subscription based service delivered to CNH, a simple and efficient solution that
  • Decreased the PI’s time and effort by 80%-90% corresponding to 250 hours per year for this one study alone.
  • Automated the manual repetitive tasks into pre-configured multimedia content that participants could watch and learn conveniently from the comfort of their home using their own smart device and could schedule an interactive live video call with the PI for clarifying questions.
  • Reduced 100% the travel burden on participants which lead to a significant increase in the number of participants.
  • Eliminated the need for a research coordinator.