Connect rare disease patients of Indian diaspora everywhere with information, resources, experts, diagnostics, treatment options, and clinical trials.

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Customer: Indo US RARE

Indo US Organization for Rare Diseases ( is on a mission to help millions of patients of Indian Diaspora affected by any of the 11,000 known rare diseases everywhere with information and connections to accelerate diagnosis, treatment, research, or financial assistance.


Struggling to streamline online inbound rare disease patients’ requests for assistance to access faster diagnosis, treatments, clinical trials, financial aid, expert consultation in another country. Team was juggling between multiple tools for SMS, email, phone calls, and video counseling. The solution was not scalable for hundreds of patient requests. The requests received on the website was not easily accessible to the concierge staff on their smart phones.
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Jeeva Patient Concierge Solution

Jeeva eClinical patient concierge configuration enabled a cost-effective solution for Indo US RARE that
  • Integrated with the IndoUSrare website and allowed great flexibility yet centralized the data captured allowing their distributed team to collaborate.
  • Received requests from over one hundred patients with ultra rare diseases from different countries world wide through the eCOA solution.
  • Facilitated video consultations and genetic counseling sessions with patient family, coordinator, and the expert.