Accelerate Patient Enrollment with

Patient recruitment is a major barrier in clinical trials. This involves identification of patients and then enrolling eligible patients into the trial. This requires a all-in-one tool that brings together remote eligibility screening, omnichannel patient engagement for patient education, multimedia information exchange, and remote electronic informed consent.

We interviewed hundreds of researchers, coordinators, and patients before designing TRIALMAGNET

They all agreed patient recruitment is the Gorilla in the room of clinical trial operations. They also complained about the logistical burden of in-person travel for patients, screen failures, remote electronic informed consent, lack of flexibility for in-person or remote informed consent, or repetitive nature of the upfront enrollment phase. Many studies are terminated even before starting due to poor patient enrollment. Jeeva TRIALMAGNET saves time, burden, maximizes research productivity, and minimizes risk of study failure!


  • Pre-screening
  • Remote eConsent
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Multimedia content management
  • Lab reports
  • SMS and email communications
TRIALMAGNET reduces the logistical burden and time for clinical researchers by over 90 percent

Clinical investigators spend at least 30 minutes per patient for proper in-person informed consent. For a 1000 patient study, that's 500 hours of a MD/PhD physician investigator's time. Just not practical for many research studies and unnecessary in many scenarios, particularly when a new investigational drug is not involved. Jeeva remote electronic informed consent (eIC) solution empowers clinical researchers and coordinators with a compliant way of ensuring the same goal remotely without the associated repetitive tasks or burden.

TRIALMAGNET software subscription model that fits the budgets of academia and industry without compromising the required information exchange

Jeeva's cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) means flexibility to access the software as needed and pay per month or year and based on the number of patients in your study. We have packages that fit most budgets. Contact us to discuss your use case, study duration, and size. Our product team will work with you closely to quickly identify the right configuration and set you up. SaaS also means zero installation and works on all browser-enabled mobile devices.

TRIALMAGNET enables rapid patient enrollment from numerous channels

The software should enable rapid patient education of patients before the eligibility screening, during enrollment, and throughout the study. Some studies have a pre-identified list of patients while others will benefit from the ability to find, screen, and enroll patients from a variety of channels such as social media channels such as Facebook groups, email campaigns, WhatsApp,  or web portals. Dynamic multi-media content management and drag and drop user-friendly interface for building enrollment workflow empower clinical researchers to execute informed consents remotely with minimal human resources.